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The reason Innovacion Legal Services was set up was to make legal services more accessible and affordable for all. Having access to a lawyer to ask questions when you need to, get a risk assessment on the documents you are regularly asked to sign or just to put your mind at ease when you feel uncomfortable about a decision you are being asked to make can be invaluable to your business.

Our aim is to provide quality service in a cost effective manner so that SMEs do not hesitate in engaging professionals for guidance and support. When done right, Start-Up entities can be exciting, energizing, and profitable for their founders. However, they are also challenging to manage, difficult to scale, and often, expensive and incredibly stressful endeavours. That’s why having the right legal representation at an affordable price for business startups is essential.

Since 2016, Myra Faiz, Founder of Innovacion Legal Services, has worked along with more than fifty Start-Ups herself, and empathizes with the plight of the entrepreneur. Give your Start-Up a leg up by having one of our corporate legal consultants in your corner from the beginning.

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