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Send Your Query

Step 1


Send us your query/request through phone, whatsapp, email, social media and/or the E form available on our website.
Within a couple of hours, we will either get back to you with confirmation of request or if need be, request further information/details on your stated matter.


Step 2


Once clarity is achieved on both ends we start working on your request. Keeping in consideration your response time, usually the time span between requesting and engaging us is within 24 hours of request generation.


Step 3


We prepare your requested documentation and send across a ‘preview’ document for your comfort and satisfaction upon which we expect you to make payment.
Once payment is made, we promptly send across the unlocked version of your requested document. Standard preparation time for any requested document is 24 to 48 hours.


Step 4


Once a project is complete, we encourage both clients and our designated experts to review the project and their experience of engagement with us. This helps us understand your needs and serve you better.

Our Credibility

ILS ensures the reliability of its subscribed pool of lawyers in twofold

Credibility of the lawyer

The credibility of lawyers subscribed with ILS is maintained through a rigorous screening process at subscription and therefrom periodically based on client feedback. For more information on this. See Here

Credibility of work done

The credibility of the job is maintained by proof reading and correction (if required) of all paperwork which is internally processed by ILS core team  before sending across the documentation to the client. Even in case of legal representation in litigious matters, our team ensures involvement throughout all stages till completion of the case. Hence, taking full responsibility for the job entrusted through our platform.

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